The Journeyman Electrician’s Exam


An experienced electrician, Alan Courtemanche serves as the senior QA manager at Standard Solar in Rockville, Maryland. Throughout his career, Alan Courtemanche has completed several professional certifications, passing the electrical journeyman exam in 2010 and achieving both NABCEP solar PV installer and NABCEP certified PV system inspector certifications in 2018.

The journeyman electrician’s exam is used in various states and local municipalities to test a professional electrician’s trade skills before they are licensed to practice in the area. The exam has been designed to test an electrician’s knowledge and skill across several categories, with an overriding focus on an electrician’s ability to perform their job while prioritizing public and consumer safety.

However, it should be noted that professional requirements for electricians vary from one location to another. It is fairly typical for states and local governments to require aspiring electricians to gain hands-on experience before taking the exam. Real-life work experience may need to be recorded under the supervision of a master electrician as part of an apprenticeship. Furthermore, an electrician may need to complete a specific educational program before sitting for the exam.

Electricians interested in preparing for the journeyman electrician’s exam should contact local officials to determine where and when testing opportunities are available and what individuals need to bring to the exam, such as valid photo identification and a non-programmable calculator.



Standard Solar Senior QA Inspector Alan Courtemanche

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